Our Story

Ramble On Supply Co was born one cold, winter afternoon in rural New Brunswick from nothing but a sketchbook and a felt tipped pen. A soundtrack of Johnny Cash, the mountains of my youth, the deep reds, browns and greens of the natural world and the wild outdoors acted as inspiration as my pen glided upon my page. The result was a collection of art prints for those who love cozy nights in a cabin, hiking in the woods and admiring the natural world around them.

I was born and raised in the valleys of Vancouver’s North Shore mountains, studied for my degree on the New Brunswick/Nova Scotia border and now live in a little farm town of 500 people in central Ontario. Along the way, I’ve experienced many incredible Canadian adventures such as watching the Northern Lights dance across the Northwest Territories, fishing for Salmon off the Pacific, jumping into the sapphire waters of the Bruce Peninsula, chasing fog through the Bay of Fundy and playing pond hockey in the Kootenays. 

Truly inspired by Canada’s varied landscapes, textures and wonders, I aim to bring the best of Canada and the great outdoors into the homes of those who are proud to live true north strong and free.

Stay wild,